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Registration for the official Danish exams

The Ministry for Education is responsible for the four official Danish exams: Danish 1 Examination, Danish 2 Examination, Danish 3 Examination and The Higher Education Examination.
These state certified exams are held twice per year – in May/June and in November/December. The registration deadline is  in March and in September, approximately 10 weeks prior to the exams. For more information about the exam dates go to:
If you are attending one of the final modules at a public language school, you can register through the teacher. If you are self-taught or study with a personal language coach, you can register by phone or in person at the exam office of one of the official test sites. To find a list of test sites in your area go to:
Free on-line exercises for Danish:
There are free Danish e-learning modules available through the Ministry for Children and Education:
Dansk Her og Nu (Danish here and now) on is a free on-line beginner's  programme for learning Danish, developed with support from the previous Ministry of Integration. It is very useful for self-study or homework help. The material consists of 12 lessons with 5 types of exercises. Each lesson has interactive texts and dialogues, grammar and exercises, listening and comprehension, information on Denmark and the Danes plus Danish/English wordlists.
Danmark til daglig (Day-to-day living in Denmark) on provides answers to questions such as: How does an ordinary Danish Family live? What is a Danish workplace like?
The programme offers a number of interactive exercises and tasks based on specific everyday situations from Danish families, homes and workplaces. The material requires prior Danish skills at level A2 for optimal benefit.
Other materials for inspiration and help with homework for levels A2 and higher go to:
Historien bag Danmark: (Danish history) Free on-line dictionary with grammar and pronunciation help
Retskrivningsordbogen: Free on-line dictionary from the Danish language council
Useful links for learning English:
Macmillan dictionary: Free on-line dictionary with pronunciation help in British and American accents, clear definitions and key vocabulary
For grammar exercises and explanations, try the following sites:
For news in English:
BBC World Service