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Courses in Danish and English

A typical language course

Language training for business professionals

Danish courses: Our customized Danish courses target the business community helping expatriates and other foreign professionals to achieve their day to day communication goals. These individuals often have English at a high level and, when teaching Danish, it is often advantageous to use English as a shared language for explaining difficult words and grammar. This enables a faster and steeper progression.
Due to demanding full-time jobs and business travel commitments, many business professionals often find that they do not have the necessary time to meet the attendance requirement for the public language schools’ programmes .
With AidaCom, the client has the flexibility to postpone their course in connection with travel activity or busy periods and continue when they are ready to resume their lessons.
English courses: Our customized English courses target Danish and other non-English speaking business professionals who need to brush-up their current skills or to expand their business English within their specialized area of expertise.
Both languages: We offer training at all levels with the emphasis on practical application for the individual learner’s daily language needs in the workplace. We often use the client’s own work materials such as letters, e-mails, presentations and reports. All materials are treated in the strictest confidence.
We apply a very interactive style of learning to ensure maximum skill acquisition. The learning is imparted in a challenging but relaxed atmosphere which makes it comfortable for the participant to practice the new language, with the best possible benefit for the participant.
For Danish it is also possible to direct the course toward obtaining one of the official exams for foreign adults. In general, our students achieve very good results at these exams. There are three different educations and the corresponding exams are:
The Danish 1 Examination - Llevel A2 for written skills and B1 for oral skills
The Danish 2 Examination - Level B1 for written skills and mid-B2 for oral skills
The Danish 3 examination - Level B2.
Higher Education Examination - Level C1, and required for admission to most universities in Denmark.
The Citizenship test - You have to pass the citizenship test to apply for Danish citizenship
To reach the goal of passing the exams, the courses are structured according to the European standards, also called the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The levels start at level A1 and finish at level C1. You can get an overview of the three educations and their levels here:
Model of levels for Danish as a second language by the Danish Ministry of Education
At Schneider  Electric, we have  used AidaCom as the provicer of Danish lessons for our expats for a number of years.
We have been extremely satisfied with the service and flexibility provided by AidaCom.
We get positive feedback from our employees and have noticed significant progress in their Danish skills.
Line Orloff
HR Consultant
Schneider Electric