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Jette Risgaard Folkerts
Education and experience:
BA in Business Languages (Danish, English and German) from Copenhagen Business School 1987 and Certificate in Pedagogy Methodology for Adults in 2004. Jette is married to an American, and has over 10 years working experience as a business professional in the US. In addition she has been teaching Danish and English as a second language to business professionals in Denmark for over 10 years – helping beginners, intermediate and advanced levels with their conversational and business language skills.
Teaching characteristics:
I view language as a connector between people, so helping others improve their skills is something I feel passionate about.
That passion means that I am committed to giving my students the best possible opportunities to learn, to seeking creative ways to develop their language skills and to ensuring they meet their language goals.
Having a goal for each lesson and still creating a relaxed environment where people are comfortable enough to try out their new skills is important for their development. My experience of working in both Danish and English-speaking business environments makes the lessons practical for employees and my experience of living overseas helps me understand the difficulties of communicating in everyday situations. My pedagogical qualification means I can combine my practical experience with an academic approach and enjoy working with students on pronunciation issues, helping them to see grammar as a tool rather than an obstacle and developing their vocabulary through useful words and idioms.
Danish learners have achieved top marks in official exams and English learners have gained skills which enable them to progress in an increasingly international environment.
Students describe me as friendly, professional, knowledgeable, committed, and creative.  Corporate clients use words such as effective, professional, dependable and service-minded.
Since 2012 I have been Director of AidaCom Business Communications but still remain very involved in the teaching. Improving people’s language skills so they can connect, flourish and find new opportunities still gives me a great pleasure and keeps my own skills sharp.
AidaCom has a number of experienced Danish and English teachers, many of whom offer special courses which combine language and coaching skills.
Spotlight: Katrine Kent
Katrine holds a Master’s degree in Danish and Psychology from the University of Roskilde. She is an EMCC certified coach and is also certified in HR and organizational coaching from Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College.
She offers various types of consulting in areas of team building, leadership development, work processes, and coaching and incorporates these ideas into her language lesson when she teaches Danish as a second language at AidaCom.
For more information on her consultancy practice on this service go to:


Aida Vestergaard Andersen
Company History
AidaCom was founded in 1987 by Aïda Vestergaard Andersen, a British citizen who holds a Master’s degree in English and a PhD in Educational Psychology from New Mexico, USA.  Aida led numerous language courses and seminars on business communication for many international companies and also worked as an examiner and presenter for the University of Cambridge, ESOL before moving to Canada in 2010.
As of May 1, 2012 AidaCom Denmark was continued under the direction of Jette Folkerts following almost 10 years of teaching and conducting language courses together with Aida.

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